Tinkerbell effect 12/30 pm

You know in Peter Pan when Tinkerbell is dying and the audience has to clap to bring her back? Guy is our Tinkerbell, his light was slowing waning and your good wishes and prayers are bringing him back!

He had a better day today. That is a relative term since he was coming from being down pretty low but we had several visitors and while he started out slow and disoriented by the time Kenny Martin left at 8pm Guy was doing some joking and jiving. We are not celebrating yet because he is still disoriented, in significant pain and not eating or drinking much. It was just so nice him see him engage a little. Kevin and Helen, Beppe and Laurie and then Jim, Cary and Kenny all brought a smile to his face. We enjoyed the company and seeing a little twinkle in his eye.

Also he only took 2 showers.

Tomorrow we will have more visitors. I try to prepare him for company but he doesn’t remember and is always surprised by who shows up. I also was able to get a hospice appointment in the afternoon so that will be a comfort to have the experts evaluate him.

He is a cherished gift to all of us who know him. It is so comforting to hear so many stories of how he has touched your lives. Until till tomorrow…keep the faith.

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