No Words 12/31 pm


Today started with friends and a big breakfast, waffles, sausage, eggs, coffee and juice. Everyone  was bustling around the kitchen, cooking and enjoying the fellowship. I retreated upstairs to keep Guy company. He tends to get agitated when left alone for long so my presence helps calm his worries. Then our friends left, Kate and I went for a walk and Matt and Gwen took a shift hangin with the old Guy.

Although I was looking forward to it I was also dreading the visit from hospice.

They came at 1pm, a nurse and a social worker. A wink of the eye and a twist of the head soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. Oh wait, wrong story. But right feeling. These compassionate women explained what their program offered and answered all our questions. It is really a remarkable gift to have someone with experience help you along this frightening path. I feel assured that they will be with us every step of the way. Another blessing!

Guys day was ok, not great, sleeping and painful and often not coherent. He did have some nice conversations with Kenny and Paul and Myrna. In the afternoon dear friend John Gregorek arrived and a little later, brother Pete. He had some tender moments (and a few jokes) with them as both became immediately aware of how sick he is.

Our kids leave tomorrow, John will be here for a few days and Pete longer. Lots of you know our children, they have been nothing short of amazing. They are tender and caring with their dad, supporting and helful with me and able to navigate their own feelings with grace. Although they are heading back to Seattle tomorrow they will be back next weekend. I am grateful for them.

My most poignant minute of the day came when John and I were having a discussion, one of us on each side of Guys bed. John is a man of strong faith and I was asking him about last rites, Kate and Matt had asked and I knew John would have the answer. All of a sudden I just looked at him and through my tears said “John could you ever have imagined we would be having this discussion over this man.” No words can make sense of it.




5 thoughts on “No Words 12/31 pm

  1. Sending positive vibes to you and Guy. I’m so glad to know you and Guy are surrounded by family and friends and that the Hospice folks were so kind. Love, Leann


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