Football 1/1/18

06D7E2D7-E01C-476E-9B1A-3DF267559C76We had a peaceful day today. Our children headed back to their homes in Seattle. Although I miss their presence I am happy they have homes and loved ones( and jobs!). Kenny was by briefly in the morning to say farewell to Guy then headed back home to his family which left me and Pete and John and Guy.

For most of the morning the boys hung out with Guy up in our bedroom. I went for a walk with my regular walking group. These women are a comfort and support during this most incredibly difficult time. We talk freely about all things involving life and death and family and occasionally branching into politics. I need the companionship and fresh air.

The afternoon centered around football on tv. While I was doing some reading the guys, all three, took naps in the bedroom, Guy and Pete on the bed and John on the floor. Some friends stopped by for a brief hello and hug. Later we watched those playoff games, the only team I cared about was Clemson because of my dear friend Barb (sorry Barb but it didn’t look like they were going to win when I went to bed)

Guy is about the same, drinking a little, not eating, sometimes lucid but more often funnily confused or flat out hallucinating. All three of us took turns holding his hands, giving him small drinks and just loving him. He was comfortable with us and us with him. We all feel honored to be able to share this precious time with this special person. I will always cherish the memories of the simplicity of the day.

Love to all of you.

5 thoughts on “Football 1/1/18

  1. Your words are so true, this time will be the most treasured in your life, now and always. Guy is surrounded by love and peace and you are blessed, as he said.❤️ We love you, praying, praying…


  2. Lee,
    You and the kids are amazing…. Remaining a ROCK of a family in taking care of Guy while the rest of us send our prayers and good thoughts.

    Stay strong…you have an army of friends with you.

    Love you all..Ken and Caren


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