Anointed 1/2 pm

66CAD545-BEAF-4581-9F42-BF201F5A9538Today Guy received the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. John arranged for Father Peter from the Newman Center to come and give the Sacrament. Father Peter asked if Guy would like to receive the Sacrament and Guy said that he would be honored. Although half asleep he participated in the prayers, repeating the words that have given him so much comfort and strength throughout his life. It was beautiful and touching as Father Peter anointed Guys forehead and hands. We gathered around him and prayed together.

That was the spiritual highlight of the day and the physical highlight was that we got a hospital bed delivered. Once set up in the living room by the fireplace Guy seemed immmediatley comfortable. He is now able to receive visitors easily and rest in a very familiar spot…in front of the TV.

We had a few visitors through the day. Just a few though as Guys energy level won’t tolerate much. It is so cute how he greets his friends and always asks how they are doing, bringing up people or places they have in common. He takes great pleasure in these conversations even though he is so sick and fades in and out of awareness. He also spoke on the phone to some of his favorites.

His condition remains unchanged for better or worse. I massaged his sore back and legs throughout the day. We are working at getting his pain and anxiety meds properly dosed, there is a fine line between taking the edge off and sleeping all the time. It is getting better.

My two gifts of the day came at the end. Some best friends took me out for dinner and vino. While we mostly talked about sickness and dying it was so great to duck out for  this social time to revitalize my spirit. The other gift was that John asked if he could sleep on the couch and take the night watch over Guy giving me a night off. Since a John is leaving tomorrow it will give them some quiet time together. John looks at Guy with tenderness and love and hope and faith. I love that about him.


2 thoughts on “Anointed 1/2 pm

  1. Beanie, You write beautifully and are able to express your emotions with both power and tenderness. it is helpful for those of us who are far away to walk this journey closer with you. So many prayers are being lifted and we send much love, Brooke & James


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