Hardest day ever 1/4 pm

Guy stopped his life on earth today at 9:37 am. Pete and I held his hands and told him we loved him and that his family would be ok. His breath slowed and he peacefully went to see his dad and all that the heavenly world has for him. His passing was peaceful and we were honored to share his last moments as we know him.

Our hospice nurse came by right after he died. We washed his body and dressed him in his new Manchester United Jersey, favorite sweat pants and socks, always socks. We covered him with his favorite quilt and his body was at rest. Kate and Matt arrived about an hour later. I met them at the door and we embraced as I shared the news of their dads passing. Both kids spent some time visiting with his body although it creeped them out that his eyes were partially open.

The afternoon was spent making phone calls and arrangements. We are numb. Walking through jello. But I hold in my heart that we did it right. He died in peace, in his own living room, by the fire with U2 playing loudly. He died as he had lived….all out. There was no bullshit and no kidding around.

We have a beautiful dinner brought over by Merrisue but we decided to go out tonight. We will eat her dinner tomorrow. We went to dinner at Mame and made so may toasts to Guy Arbogast followed by after dinner drinks and loud music and dancing in our living room. Guy would approve.

I cant quite see the big picture right now so I will just work on what I can. We are hoping for a service and celebration for him next Saturday although we haven’t confirmed the site yet. More on that tomorrow. Love to all….from the broken-hearted Arbogast clan.

11 thoughts on “Hardest day ever 1/4 pm

  1. You are each so in the thoughts of the Engle family this evening. On my way to work this morning the sky was beautiful and a peaceful and poignant piece came on KWAX. Tears flowed for all of you as I contemplated your day. What you described is so very tender and precious. Love to you all.


  2. Beanie, Ruth & I were so sorry to hear of Guy’s passing. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Heaven’s cross country team just got a lot better today.


  3. Lee, I would never be able to express how sad I am. You and Guy are family to more than you even know. The world has lost an amazing friend.


  4. Lee,
    Guy was taken way too early as we know. A good man, father and husband. He is at peace now and pain free. Thoughts are with you and you’re family. I know you have a close support system and offer you the same should you need anything. 303-229-3068
    friends for life
    Art Hanig


  5. Lee, a lot of hearts around the world have broken today Although we did not spend a lot of time together over these years, Guy would call on his way to work or at a random time and we would have to cut long chats short in order for him to not be late for work. Guy and your family have been in my thoughts these last months. Your strength amazed him over this tough time. He always said he was so lucky. He was an amazing man who managed to keep his friends close to his heart regardless of time and distance. I feel blessed to have met Guy and to have called him my friend. I have about 7 years of conversations we had on FB that I read thru recently and I will save to visit with him from time to time. MR


  6. Dear Lee and family,

    My heart and thoughts are with you. Thinking of you all and your close family. I admire your peace and strength through this most difficult experience. May love and support wash over you. Heidi


  7. Lee, Matt and Kate, we are heartbroken and have talked about our time with Guy and your family very often in the last few months. Guy was such a positive force and he always brought people together and his smile was something I will never forget. Our heart and thoughts have been with you over those hard last weeks and months. Our community has lost a good man but his smile will be with us forever. We all lost a very good friend. Love to all of the Arbogasts.


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