Celebration of Life: Nuts and Bolts

With both love and pain in our hearts, we invite you to Guy’s service and celebration of life next Saturday, January 13th in Eugene. We have planned a day full of activities we thought were fitting for a man who lived life so fully (although he would have preferred some nap/tv time in between). Below is a description of everything we have planned as well as information that will help you to plan your stay if you are visiting from out of town. Please join us for as much of this day as you are able.

Saturday, January 13th

Loop Run

We will start the day the way he always did. At 8:00am, we invite everyone to meet at Beppe and Giani’s restaurant, 1646 East 19th Avenue, where we will meet to run  “the loop”, rain or shine (just like Arbo). This was the run he organized and ran for nearly every day for 30 years with many of his closest friends. Some of us will run, some of us will walk, and some of us will cut it short but the important thing is we will all start in the same place. Wear your favorite jersey or singlet if you have one!

Hayward Field

From 10:30 am to 11:00am, we will have Hayward field opened for us. We invite you to walk a tribute lap or two around Hayward in Honor of Arbo before the service.


At 11:00, we will hold a memorial Service for Guy at the Newman Center, 1850 Emerald St. The Newman Center is essentially across the street from Hayward field, so you should only have to park once. We will be running/walking around Hayward and then walking to the service. If you have not been to the Newman Center, you should be able to easily follow someone over there after you walk.

Celebration of Life

We will head over to Oakshire Public House, 207 Madison St.  We all know he would want us to be drinking beer in his honor, so that’s what we will be doing. They are not able to close the place to the public but have reserved half the tables for us and knowing us we will probably take it over. Those tables will be reserved from 12:30pm-4:00pm. There will be a great food truck, Buk Buk, outside and we will also be having a potluck. Please bring a dish to share. Myrna is coordinating the potluck through http://my.lotsahelpinghands.com/community/search (type in Arbogast). We will provide plates and silverware.


We have been calling around to hotels and have had trouble finding availability for the weekend. We have lots of friends who have kindly offered a room or two in their house for people coming from out of town. Please email katearbo3@gmail.com if you either have a room to offer or are looking for a place to stay. I will coordinate that and put you in touch with each other.

We also suggest airbnb.com if you have a bigger group.

3 thoughts on “Celebration of Life: Nuts and Bolts

  1. Lee,

    I am totally heartbroken. I can’t believe this…not sure what to say except that I have nothing but fond memories of you and Guy. It will take me awhile to get over this one. So sorry for you…if there is anything I can do, let me know.

    I will pray that the pain subsides and you can get on with life sooner rather than later. What a great guy…and I know this because of the way he treated people and, usually, great guys marry great gals!

    May God bless you during this time, Lee.

    Marc Hunter


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