Check list 1/5

b351deb5-1370-4607-9a2a-534588575fec.jpegSo, I wake up this morning…no husband. It really doesn’t seem real, what we did yesterday, did we really do that? Straighten out my thoughts, well yes we did.

I got up at 6 and drove Pete to the airport. It was sad to see him go. He has been my rock, my counselor, my sounding board and my shoulder to cry on. He understood because it was his brother that we were losing. He stood with me through it all and it wasn’t all pretty. I will forever be indebted to him because he did not shy away from the hard stuff. Thanks Pete.

Kate and Matt and I went to the funeral home and made the arrangements to take care of Guy’s body. I dreaded this but they are good at it and it wasn’t too bad. Check that off the list. Pete was able to confirm with the Newman center that we could have a service next Saturday at 11am. We will meet with the priest on Sunday to confirm the detail of the service. Check.

We were trying to figure out where would be a good spot for a celebration of his life following the service. We did not want a rented hall that would not have suited him. So guess what we decided on. Now think really hard about where Guy’s party should be. Not Beppe’s, not big enough. What did he really love? Yep…beer. His celebration will be at Oakshire. For you out of towners, that is a local pub, and a good one. Kate, Matt and I are very satisfied with that choice. He will look down and smile, probably sipping his own Pilsner from on high. Check

We had our inner circle over for dinner, la familigia. We sat around the table and ate and toasted and ate more and toasted more. Stories flew around, laughter, drinking, tears and two desserts. If he was watching he would have liked it.

Love you all who loved him

4 thoughts on “Check list 1/5

  1. Such an emotional journey Lee, thank you for sharing. We too raised our pints to Guy last night and reminisced. Hard to grasp really…..he was a good man. You, Matt and Kate are in our thoughts.


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