Gearing up.1/10

Kate and I escaped all the stuff we were supposed to be doing and headed over to the coast for the night. We had a perfect getaway at the Channel House in Depot Bay. Lovely room on the water, walks on the beach, good food and wine and lots of good conversation. I wish that words could get us out of where we are, they do help but we are still here.

From there we headed up and over to McMinnville where we met Guy’s immediate family, Dana, Pete and his mom, Sally. We did some wine tasting and had a nice dinner out. We also did lots of debriefing. It does help to go over the events of the last week. But again, we are still here.

We are all looking forward to the celebration that the weekend will be. So many people love the same man I love. I am overwhelmed by all the comments, gestures and support that have poured in since Guy’s death. Thank you all, but we are still here. At least I know we are not alone. I know that many many people feel a emptiness in their lives without his smile, his phone calls, his sense of humor. He was a gift.

Small detail about this weekend, If you are in town and want to find the gathering spot for Friday night then head to the Bier Stein. Some friends are going to try and stake out some space in the back room for all of us around 6 or 6:30. We are having a family dinner then plan to head over around 7. Hope to see you there and hear some good Arbo stories! Also thank you all for volunteering rooms in your homes for visitors. We will only need a few and Kate will contact you if need be.

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