Beautiful day 1/13

It was a beautiful day, from the early morning run all the way through to the crowd of young people gathered downstairs right now watching Harry Potter. Well actually, it started last night with a big family dinner at La Perla followed by a gathering at Bier Stein. One thing I know for sure is that Guy Arbogast is a well loved man. He loved well and consequently was well loved. He knew how to be a friend and in return has a host of true friends.

The weather was brisk and beautiful when 50 hardy friends gathered for “Arbo’s final loop” Some walked and some jogged at various paces but everybody enjoyed that lighthearted companionship that comes with a good morning run. If he had been here he would have lead the group and the banter. I know he watched over the whole day and enjoyed every minute.

The memorial lap around Hayward Field was touching and a sweet tribute to a fellow who loved a good race around the track.(as long as the race was over a lap) The walk to the Newman Center for the service was a short 5minutes and soon everybody was packed in the church. Father Garry spoke well and effectively to the crowd of mixed beliefs. He was able to bring a message of faith hope and love to all. I can’t begin to say how touching the eulogists were. Kate, Joe and Bryan, all 3 captured many many beautiful Arbo moments with just the right mix of humor and sincerity.

On to the Pub! The beer flowed, the food was delicious and everyone did what we like to do, drink beer and tell stories. It was perfect. My favorite compliment of the day came from a man who said when he died that he wanted a lap around the track followed by mass and then a party at the pub. Yep…we nailed it!

It was so moving to see all of Guy’s and my friends and family gathered in one place in his honor. Friends came from near and far to share this day and I want you all to know how much I appreciate you. It takes an effort to attend a funeral but I believe we are all better for it. The bond we create will make us stronger going forward and I know that we will all cherish every moment a little more.

I am exhausted and emotionally spent. I can’t deny that while it was a beautiful day it also took its toll. Who ever said 300 hugs in one day is a good idea? But I can close my eyes tonight and again say that we got this part right. Cheers everybody!

One thought on “Beautiful day 1/13

  1. Thank you dear Lee for sharing yourself with this blog, it has meant the world. You are loved and have a great community.


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