A little history 12/28 am

My purpose for writing this today is to keep everybody who loves Guy Arbogast up to date on his life and struggles with cancer.

Most know his history: He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of his tongue in May 2017. He had major surgery to remove the tumor, reconstruct his tongue and remove the lymph nodes from his neck, May 25, 2017. He started chemo and radiation after healing from surgery. That was July 10, 2017. It was the most brutal 8 weeks a man could endure. His last treatment was August 18. He was burned and battered and lost his sense of taste but came through with his best fighter instinct intact. He needed to use every ounce of strength during that time.

Afterwards he got back up dusted himself off and continued to heal and enjoy life again. We resumed as best we could. Our life mostly revolves around family and friends and it continued to do so. Arb and I had a great trip to brother Pete’s house to see Van Morrison in concert. Of course we made our annual trip to Palm Desert to enjoy Thanksgiving with Arb’s family and the Simbro clan(cousins).

The damn tide turned on a regular follow up visit to his surgeon, a small lump was found on his neck. Given his history it required a biopsy. Unfortunately a new complication developed before he could get the biopsy. His blood work revealed a dangerously high calcium level. What the heck does that mean? After a 10 hr trip through the hospital ER he was admitted and given meds to bring that level down.

Of course the problem was not just the calcium level but what was the underlying cause? His oncologist ruled out all the easy possibilities and that left only – this kind of cancer or that kind of cancer. This sent us all reeling and lots of tears as we faced the possibilities. The PET scan revealed his cancer had metastasized to several sites…lung lymph nodes, spine, pelvis and in his neck again. The biopsy showed it is the same squamous cell carcinoma.  I’m don’t really use swear words but this would be an appropriate time.  My reaction- just straight unrestrained terror.

About Arb’s attitude: I think that lying awake night after night he has been examining his life. When he was given this news his commment was that “he is a blessed man” He was able to handle it with strength and faith in God’s plan. He is and has always been the toughest person I know. His health is deteriorating rapidly. He is eating very little and has a very hard time swallowing without choking. He muscles hurt as does his back and hips. In the last few days he has developed some significant cognitive changes, he is often unaware of where he is.

So that leads us to today. We have a meeting with his oncologist at 10. I suppose we are going to discuss a plan going forward. I hope that immunotherapy or a clinical trial will give him some quality in whatever time he has left. Right now I am uncertain if that means days, weeks months or years. I am hoping for years! Right now he is sleeping restlessly, I will wake him when we need to go.

I would like to use this site to communicate to all Guys friends and family. I will update as I know things. Please give everyone this web address:


Pray for him, please.